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2021 MSS Parallel (Materials & Detectors) Conference
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Important Dates: 08/06/2021 11:59 PM ET - Registrations Due
07/30/2021 05:00 PM ET - Presentation/Publication/DA/Poster Due Date
Dates: Sunday, August 29, 2021 - Tuesday, August 31, 2021
Location: Orlando, FL

The 2021 MSS Parallel Conference is a meeting of the MSS Specialty Group on Detectors, the MSS Specialty Group on Materials, and the MSS Specialty Group on Battlefield Survivability and Discrimination.

While the Specialty Groups typically have their sessions meet in parallel with each other, the Materials & Detectors and BSD sessions will be held serially this year during the same week and treated as individual conferences.

Materials & Detectors sessions will be held 29-31 August 2021.

MSS Specialty Group on Detectors
The MSS Specialty Group on Detectors is a forum for the presentation, discussion, and dissemination of information on detector technology. It covers the electromagnetic spectrum from x-rays through terahertz. The group addresses all aspects of detector technology including detection phenomena, the physics of ideal and real detectors, advanced material growth technology, and the chemistry of detector fabrication processes. This meeting covers the reliability and survivability of detectors including nuclear hardness. Also of interest are the electronics and signal processing associated with focal plane image formation such as readout circuit technology, on-focal-plane signal processing, and non-uniformity correction. Detector technologies of interest include discrete detectors, scanning and staring focal plane arrays, photon and thermal detectors, coherent and incoherent detectors, and wavelength converters.

MSS Specialty Group on Materials
The MSS Specialty Group on Materials provides a forum for the presentation, discussion, and dissemination of information within the defense community on the exploration, development, and utilization of materials to be used in military optical and electro-optical devices and systems operating in the optical (UV to mm wave) spectrum. Subjects include materials for detectors and substrates, optical windows and other optical elements, filters, optical techniques such as diffractive and binary optics and rugates, meta-materials, and other materials issues that enable the development of optical and electro-optical sensors, etc.


2021 Detectors and Materials

Due to the Materials & Detectors and BSD programs being held individually, the registration systems will also be separate.  Attendees must register for each conference (Materials & Detectors or BSD) they wish to attend. If an individual will be attending both conferencestwo registrations must be completed. 

  • Government: $425.00 
  • Industry: $725.00 
  • Member: $525.00 
  • Presenter: $575.00 
Due to venue COVID-capacity restrictions, attendance will be limited to 200 attendees. Once this number is reached, registration will be closed.
Contact: Lilliana Reyes
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