Current Set of MSS Specialty Committees

  • 2024 Battlespace Acoustic, Seismic, Magnetic, and Electric-Field Sensing and Signatures Committee (BAMS)
  • 2024 National Security Sensor and Data Fusion Committee (NSSDF)
Plus the Executive Committee, which provides oversight over the various other committees from a top level.

US Government agencies and qualifying contractors can attend the MSS conferences. For more information contact MSS Hotline at 571-550-0147 or

Conference schedules are posted on a separate page.

If you are trying to find MSS papers, visit the DTIC website to perform a search. Instructions for getting a DTIC online account and searching the DTIC website can be found .

If your company is interested in becoming a MSS member, please contact MSS Hotline at 571-550-0147 or

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