We are accepting nominations for MSS Fellows until 07/09/2021 11:59 PM ET for the 2021 candidates.

2021 MSS Fellows Nomination Procedures

Steps to Becoming an MSS Fellow

Nominating a colleague for induction as an MSS Fellow is an important step in raising the visibility of work that furthers the technical knowledge and expertise of our community.  Selection criteria include:

  • Significant individual contributions as an engineer-scientist or technical leader to the military sensing community

  • Evidence of technical accomplishment, i.e. publications, internal company reports, patents, and peer recognition

  • Input from the MSS Fellows Committee, MSS Executive Committee, and the Military Sensing Community

 Candidates may come from any military sensing field and may be from academia, government, or industry.  Whatever their careers, candidates must have made an outstanding contribution to the military sensing profession.  This year, the annual Fellow induction process begins in March, with nominations due in June.

  • A candidate is nominated by a colleague in the MSS community or by a MSS specialty group. Fellows nominations must be submitted online at www.MSSconferences.org.

  • The nominator fills out the nomination form with details of the candidate’s qualifications and outstanding technical achievements

  • The nominator obtains and submits the candidate’s resume

  • Five supporters from among the MSS Fellows, MSS Executive Committee members, Specialty Groups, or members of the MSS Program Committees are needed to support this nomination and are identified during the nomination process.  These people constitute the references needed.  The nominator should contact each supporter identified above to request a technical reference/letter of recommendation to be submitted directly to the MSS Fellows POC or back to the nominator to upload with the completed packet.

  • Should part of the nomination packet require classification at the collateral level or higher, a classified addendum can be submitted on SIPR or JWICS. Please contact MSS at MSS@anavationllc.com to make special arrangements for submission.

    • PLEASE NOTE: Only CLASSIFIED addendums (expansive information on candidate’s achievements, letters of reference, etc.) can be included. A full UNCLASSIFIED nomination must be submitted on the website.

Start a Nomination
Chong, Chee-Yee Cropper, A.D.
Deroba, Joseph Gonzalez, Leonel
Krapels, Keith Marron, Joseph
Moore, Richard Paranto, Joseph
Samocha, Joseph Stocker, Alan
Wilson, D. Keith
Beaven, Scott Doerry, Armin
Haeri, Michael Hull, David
Ratledge, Rodney Waterman, James
Barnard, Ken Cordray, Merritt
Heinrichs, Richard Karr, Thomas
Kiessling, James Pauli, Myron
Rhiger, David Turner, Monte
Benson, David Devitt, John
Dierking, Matthew Hoffman, Craig
Nettleton, John Sarcione, Michael
Schaum, Alan Sonstroem, Jay
Goldberg, Lew Henderson, Sammy
Melvin, William Mokole, Eric
Moyer, Lee Thomas, Dan
Watson, Edward Wood, Sam
Brune, Neal Eismann, Michael
Govoni, Mark Halmos, Maurice
Hubbs, John Kruer, Melvin
Macklin, Timothy Marino, Richard
Moulton, Peter Radford, William
Trussell, Ward
Huffaker, Robert Perconti, Philip
Richmond, Richard Winter, Edwin
Batchelor, Ann
Boreman, Glenn Burnham, Ralph
Davis, Mark Greiner, Mark
Taylor, James
Bass, Henry * Beck, Jeffery
Bovino, Lawrence Driggers, Ronald
Edelstein, Alan Eicke, John
Sandford, Brian Schaefer, Jerome
Schmieder, David Shumaker, David
Srour, Nino Tidrow, Meimei
Cederquist, John Keicher, William
McManamon, Paul Priest, Richard
Reynolds, William Walker, Grayson
Barone, Frank Douda, Bernard
Frederick, William Heberley, Jeffery
Irwin, Raymond Kinch, Michael
Labaugh, Kenneth Parrish, William
Reago, Don Vogel, George
Wimmers, James
Amble, Henry Barton, David
Brookner, Eli Cantrell, Ben
Finn, Harold Fritsch, Ralph
Hughes, Paul Loomis III, Jester
Martinsek, Emil Nessmith, Jr., Josh
Novak, Leslie Reedy, Edward
Sichina, Jeffrey Smith, John
Trebits, Robert Trunk, Gerard
Urkowitz, Harry Walker, Bruce
Walker, Joel
Bair, Max * Biberman, Lucien *
Brandewie, Richard Buser, Rudolf *
Campana, Stephen Freed, Charles *
Gschwendtner, Alfred * Hintz, Robert
Hopper, George * Jamieson, John *
Jelalian, Albert * Kingston, Robert
Laakman, Peter * Legault, Richard
Lockwood, Arthur * Milton, A. Fenner
Nichols, Larry Nichols, Roy
Ogrodnik, Robert * Olin, Irwin
Pines, Michael Pollard, John
Pruett, George Roberts, C. Grady
Rosell, Frederick * Selby, John
Sendall, Robert Shepherd, Freeman
Simmons, Frederick Spears, David
Stair, Alva Stapelbroek, Maryn
Sullivan, Leo * Tarbell, Allan
Tennant, William Walker, Russell *
Wolfhard, Hans
* Deceased