2018 National Committee

From the National Meeting sprung many of the other MSS specialty groups as each of their respective foci became of significant importance on its own. The National MSS meeting focuses on the broad perspectives of military sensing, covering all sensing modalities (EO/IR, Radar, Acoustics/seismic, and others) and applications. The meetings held at the SECRET classified level. The National meeting focuses on important issues of the day while covering all technologies and operational situations of importance. The meeting is currently heavily focused on the changing face of warfare especially in light of the war on terror and its many operational consequences. The meeting is attended by engineers and senior managers from DOD, other Government and Industry. Sessions usually are structured to consider operational feedback from the operating forces, major development programs applying military sensing, new technology breakthroughs throughout the application spectrum from missile defense to individual soldiers, net centric operations/integrated information operations and high priority military sensing issues.

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Plenary Session

Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS)

Space Sensing Protection/Policy

Rapid Prototyping

Unmanned Remote & Autonomous Sensing

Distributed & Collaborative Sensing, Resource Management, Digital and Open Architecture

Major Platforms and Platform Protection

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)

Lessons Learned

Augmented Reality

Joint Session