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*CANCELLED* 2020 Tri-Service Radar Symposium (TSRS)
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Important Dates: 02/02/2020 05:00 PM ET - Abstracts Due
05/22/2020 05:00 PM ET - Presentation/Publication/DA/Poster Due Date
Dates: Monday, June 22, 2020 - Friday, June 26, 2020
Location: Monterey, CA


Members of the MSS Community,

2020 has been a trying year for all of us and MSS is no different.  After recent strides forward in the conference approval process, travel restrictions and other physical separation measures necessitated by the COVID 19 virus have significantly impacted the CY 20 MSS conference schedule.

The conference chairs and the Executive Committee have conducted a series of planning teleconferences and have come to a decision to cancel the entire CY 20 Conference slate.  This decision was not taken lightly and I want each of you to know that the Executive Committee remains committed to keeping MSS as a vibrant and effective interchange forum for DoD S&T activities in the military sensing technology area.

As evidence of this commitment to MSS, the Executive Committee has approved work on the planning for the CY 21 conference slate with a goal of returning to a regular OPTEMPO of four conferences in CY 21: Parallel, Active E-O / EO ICRM, Tri-Service Radar, and Joint.  Other efforts to maintain momentum include conducting the MSS Fellow nomination and selection process for CY 20 and exploring the option of publishing partial proceedings for conferences that have already generated abstracts and/or papers.  Along those lines, I ask all to consider submitting nominations of worthy candidates to the MSS Fellows Committee through the appropriate channels this year.  The deadline for nominations is 5 June, but the Fellows Committee is looking at extending that window based on the current situation.

I hope all in the MSS community are staying safe and healthy during this trying period, and with your help, I look forward to a great year of conferences in 2021.

Dr. Donald Reago
Chair, MSS Executive Committee

The Tri-Service Radar Symposium (TSRS) is the most prestigious and oldest continuous meeting of defense radar engineers, scientists, and technologists.  The TSRS will celebrate its 66th Symposium on 22-26 June 2020 in Monterey, CA.  The Symposium provides a forum for presenting a wide range of radar technology programs that range from Research and Development through currently fielded systems of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard.  The Chair rotates yearly among the Army, Navy, and Air Force. This rotation synergistically benefits the services, the broader Government, and DoD contractors through peer interactions that enhance the quality of work and stimulate creativity by sharing ideas and progress across services and corporate organizational boundaries. Over the years, participation by industry partners has increased with the TSRS becoming a truly integrated community event.

Since its inception, the TSRS has focused on providing a forum for peer review and exchange of R&D information that is typically not available in the open literature. Information that is classified, limited distribution, and/or ITAR-restricted is given preference by the Program Committee. The Symposium consists of lectures, workshops, tutorials, and poster sessions, with all papers published in the proceedings and delivered to every attendee.


The 2020 TSRS will feature 3 days of selected presentations and poster sessions, and an additional two days of short courses and workshops.  There will be a “Women in Radar” luncheon as well as plenary, TS/SCI, and invited speaker sessions. The 2020 TSRS will provide a great opportunity to gain insight into the latest radar technology and military applications across the Tri-Service Radar community.


2020 Tri-Service Radar (TSR)

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Contact: Carson Weaver
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